An event producer's dream...

“Stringz EMB is not only a golden force of St. Louis' rising music scene, but he's an event producer's dream as he brings unparalleled professionalism and a one of an kind music experience like only a true artist can.” - A. Townsend, The Townsend and Three Agency

Genuis as a frontman.

"Stringz EMB is a consummate professional. He is extraordinarily patient and cooperative with the sound, lighting, and filming processes of live production occurring around him. These qualities are reflected in the people he selects as his team members. He is quality-minded, family-oriented, and a genius as a frontman." - R. Wisdom, Director of Media Communications, KDHX Media Communication

incredible performance!

"Stringz EMB came out and participated in the competition for the first time in 2022 and ended up taking home the Grand Prize. He wowed myself and the judges with his amazing voice and musicianship. His strong stage presence kept the fans engaged and made for an incredible performance!" -S. Roberts St. Louis Cardinals, LLC.

an absolute pleasure...

"Stringz was an absolute pleasure to collaborate with both before and during the evening. His ability to match his creative delivery with a professional demeanor is an appreciated trait that many do not possess. I enjoyed the opportunity to work with him and you will too." - C. Denman Co Founder, Mid Coast Media Group, LLC.

that special spark...

"His writing and performance skills are truly phenomenal. It is actually kind of hard to believe Stringz EMB hasn't broken through yet, although I'm certain it is only a matter of time before a major label will scoop him up and make him the star I think he already shows himself to be with every performance. He has that special spark every artist hopes to find and every producer is dying to work with; and I trust he will go far in making our world a better place both as a musician and as a humanitarian." - J. Schwartz Event & Auditorium Coordinator, St. Louis Public Library

Stringz is the Exception.

"As a promoter, it is rare to come across an independent artist who's business acumen matches his talent: Stringz is the exception. He has always been kind, courteous and exceptionally professional. He takes his art seriously and is always willing to take on a leadership role. Stringz not only has one of, if not, THEE best performances out of St. Louis, but he also knows how to effectively promote his brand and anything that goes along with it. I highly recommend him to any promoter and/or booking agent." - T. Corley Managing Partner, Transcendent Media Group